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This week: The Sustainable Development Goals and adult education

Reminder: Webinar at 11.00 CET - The Sustainable Development Goals and adult education

by August Nilsson -
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Today we host a webinar on the Sustainable Development Goals, together with perspectives on adult education and lifelong learning.

Welcome to join in about an hour! Thursday June 16, at 11:00 am CET (Brussels time).

You'll find the link to the webinar room at the course page (when logged in)

Brief outline for the webinar, June 16 11:00 am CET (Brussels time):

- Update on current developments for Adult Education in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).
Presented by María Graciela Cuervo, Program Officer at ICAE Secretariat.

- How can the goals be used in advocacy on national and European level?
Input from Katarina Popovic, Secretary General of ICAE.

- Questions from participants and answers, followed by discussion

We hope to see you online!

Pedagogue at Glokala Folk high school in Malmö, Sweden