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The webinar: "Sensory stories by Tania Batzoglou"

The webinar: "Sensory stories by Tania Batzoglou"

by Nikola Koruga -
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Dear participants,

The webinar: "Sensory stories by Tania Batzoglou" will take place on the 21th of April at 11:00 CET (Brussels Time). The webinar room will be open half an hour before the beginning. To find out the link and to take part in the other parts of the session, please enroll at:

When you enter the topic "Life skills for Individuals" please scroll down to the session "The Stories About Life Skills" click on the Live Webinar Sensory stories by Tania Batzoglou and you will find the link

Please enter the webinar room as Guest.

I wish you successful learning,