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Webinars - the other side of the story

Webinars - the other side of the story

by Kevin Campbell-Wright -
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Dear Colleagues

Over the past few months it has been a great pleasure to welcome you into AEPro via our series of online webinar sessions.  I'm sure, like us, you've learned a great deal about online learning and what it has to offer, as well as the pitfalls of what happens when it all goes wrong.

Now, it's your chance to experience this from the other side.  Tomorrow at 1pm CET (12noon GMT) we will be hosting a webinar about webinars.  

The first part of this webinar, which will be recorded, will focus on the theory behind the webinar and the practice and planning needed to put it in place.  The second half of the webinar will give people a chance to actually press some of the buttons and see exactly what it takes to present in a webinar.  Obviously, as this is a hands on experience, you can't participate retrospectively - so while a recording will be made available so people can watch themselves back if they choose, the only way to take part is to be there.  It would help if you had a microphone or camera attached to your computer or device as well.

Please note that the hands-on session is not a can still complete the session without it (though you will need to take part in or watch the first the recording of the first section).

To find out the link and to take part in the other parts of the session, please enrol at

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.



Kevin Campbell-Wright, NIACE