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Festival of learning - course completion

Festival of learning - course completion

by Kevin Campbell-Wright -
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Dear All

I've had a number of queries about the Festival of Learning session this weekend, which a number of people were struggling to complete.  This was down to a number of historical settings, some of which can and some of which can't be changed once the course has started.

To address this, complete the session and get your badge you will need to:

Go back to the course.  If you are not marked as having participated in the discussion forum, re-load it and view some of the posts.  You should then be marked as complete, you no longer need to post.

If you did not view the webinar when it was live, make sure you have viewed the recording.

If you have not completed the self-assessment, that should now be visible if you watched the live webinar via the platform link or watched the recording.  If it isn't visible, load the recording again).  Please complete.

The full evaluation (which previously didn't appear) will now appear.  Complete this and you will get your badge by email.

On the right hand side is a box called "Self Completion".  Select this box and click"Yes".  If you don't do this, you can still get your badge.  However, getting your badge will not mark this course complete unless you select self completion.  This will not be the case on any future session.

Sorry about the confusion...I hope it all works now!  Any problems, please let me know.



Kevin Campbell-Wright